exclusive rights

Make a profit of billions by acquiring exclusive rights with an innovation in Spirit-Wellness® loungers. This is a unique new form of decompression option for neurological relaxation and relief.

Due to the collective time quality, the pressure on neurology has increased so much in the last years and months that collateral damage from neurological overload has affected the health or well-being of people worldwide. For this reason, respectively for health prevention for young & old, this form for neurological decompression has been brought into the world in PSI research and affected people all over the world shall benefit from this innovative effective power. In the psi-energetic cause research it is unfortunately confirmed again and again that already children at the youngest age suffer from neurological stress, and this continues up to most adults, professionals, etc. This form for relaxation and relief of neurology is an innovation from PSI research, which is unique in its effectiveness and application. With worldwide use the greatest profits can be expected because it is unrivaled.

Knowing the potential regarding health as well as economic nature, the inventor, patent holder, PSI researcher / parapsychologist Willi Robé now offers exclusive rights to commercial agents, scout etc., preferably in the countries America, England, France for the worldwide distribution of this world novelty in the form of the psi-energetically prepared “Balance of Life” decompression possibility. As scientific pioneer, he is working on shaping the future by thinking about the health or the advancement of the human species. Out of this has been gained the fundamental knowledge and so he is in possession of scientifically founded measures and possibilities for a healthy and sustainable course.

The methodology generated for this, the so-called PSI-Resonance-Method® results from the PSI research and was already an integral part of a positively concluded parapsychological experiment. With the experiment the proof to the lasting spiritual positive influence on solid matter could be proven. The positive influence can act on all deficient systems through this new form for neurological relaxation and relief, without side effects (!) and thus withstand any scientific verification.

We see ourselves as an indicator of a new form of wellness & health prevention: With Spirit-Wellness® loungers a psi-energetic optimum can be created in the shortest possible time, which leads to neurological pressure relief or to an increased well-being. Thereby, with the help of psi- and bioenergetic vibration impulses, the regeneration phase can be revolutionized in all forms of exhaustion, overload, etc. The neuro-physiological aggregate state can be noticeably optimized, which of course opens new doors in terms of health as well as in (endurance) athletic aspects.

The regular use of this method offers a guarantee of inner stabilization, for example in all forms of vegetative disorders. Vegetative disorders have increased immensely worldwide and already pose capacity problems for the existing health care system in many countries of the world. The purposeful effective power of the PSI impulses takes the pressure off the entire burdened system, which can continuously lead to the weakening of stress, pressure or anxiety states. There are no limits to the possibilities of potentially integrating this method into any company.

In the form of exclusive rights (which legitimize selected commercial agents to the forcing of world-wide assignments of user licenses to third enterprises for the use of this Spirit-Wellness innovation) waits on the one hand, a unique giant opportunity to exert a positive influence on collapsing processes and systems worldwide and, on the other hand, to maximize profits for oneself in the billions with minimal effort.

Because this world novelty is suitable for everyone and can modify all past standards at health prevention & spa experience.

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