The work of  the project group HAPPY-FUTURE is based on a synergy of causal research, science and education.

WE HAVE one goal: to solve existing fundamental problems.

The declaration of intent arises from the necessity of the time quality.

This aim is realizable step by step with the created available possibilities.

WE GIVE guidance to create the new consciousness.

WE OFFER unique, tangible parapsychological alternatives that offer a healthy, harmonious 100 % development of fairness.


The scientifically oriented project group HAPPY – FUTURE creates a new collective consciousness so that prevalent pathogenic and destructive factors not work or operate anymore.

Phenomenal parapsychological possibilities provide and show grandiose successes for humans, animals and the environment.

New methodical alternatives in health care – new social value structures according to the law of cause and effect as well as innovative prevention measures for maintaining the health of our environment make a significant contribution.

It is not too late, but it is time to learn the lessons from the previous instruments of defeat (greed, envy, abuse of power, etc.)!

“Each single person has a moral obligation to take her/his development seriously.

The obligation to oneself as well as to our descendants.”

Learn more of unimagined possibilities thanks to PSI-energy impulses. Use the soul, cosmic energy in full power! If you think, that’s like a dreamy “world improvement project”, then you are wrong: HAPPY – FUTURE is no coincidence = Pioneer for a permanent reorganization with established rights!

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